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Summer Staffing for 2018

Interviews will be scheduled for early March. All additional applicants will be notified via phone or email if a camp is still in need of employees. Please feel free to still apply as we will always have additional needs for employees throughout the summer.

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Interview Dates, Times & Locations

  • If you worked for Kidcam last summer, you DO NOT need to attend an interview unless you are asked by your camp director, or receive an email with interview dates and times.
  • Applicants should plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time and stay for the duration of the interviews. End time could vary based on number of attendees.
  • All interviewees should print out the employment forms found on this webpage, and bring them completed when you come for your interview, unless told otherwise by your camp location.

Employing Your Inner Child

You should know that working for KIDCAM is NOT a babysitting gig for disinterested individuals permanently connected to their mobile devices. We only accept extraordinarily caring, imaginative, lively, bubbly and dependable caregivers on our team. You must possess all of these qualities to be considered. So, if you can envision yourself cheerfully tying preschoolers’ shoes, singing silly camp songs, proudly wearing macaroni jewelry, engaging in deep discussions of “name that bug,” trading the latest knock-knock jokes and brushing up your finger painting skills, you just may be the right candidate for the job.

Ideal Candidates

Available jobs include camp directors, group leaders, supervisors, lifeguards, counselors, custodians and counselors-in-training.

Teachers and college-ages students are perfect fits for our camp directors and group leader roles, as well as our lead counselor positions.

Counselors can apply starting at age 15, and CIT can apply starting at age 14, as a volunteer.

Our selection process will begin in mid-March, and potential candidates will be contacted via email or phone later this month to schedule an interview. Applicants not selected will be contacted via email no later than the 2nd week of April.

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