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2015 Camp Continental

Away we go!

KIDCAM is bringing you a world of excitement this summer! Each week, our intrepid travelers will “visit” one of seven continents to experience an exciting new culture. Each destination will introduce campers to amazing new foods, languages, science, art, music and dance, along with their favorite KIDCAM activities. Join us for a globe-trotting good time, All Fun, All Summer.

Your passport to adventure starts here! Our first stop is the frozen land of glaciers, whales, seals and everyone’s favorite tuxedoed bird, the penguin. Explore the world’s last great wilderness and beat summer’s heat with cool crafts and icy games.

Our journey takes us to the endless wonders of Africa. Campers will get crafty making souvenirs like tribal masks and Maasai necklaces. Things get wild as we go on a virtual safari expedition to learn about the lions, giraffes, zebras and elephants that call the African Savanna home.

G’day, mate! For week #3, we travel “down under” to the land of dingoes, ‘roos and didgeridoos! From the Outback to the Sydney Opera house, from Bondi Beach to the Great Barrier Reef, campers will have a ball getting into the Aussie spirit during this “corker” of a week.

Our worldwide journey takes us to the home of pagodas and pandas, samurai and sushi. Our campers will explore the fabulous Far East through its cuisine, crafts and enduring legends. This week is filled with good fortune… and great fun!

Let’s hop across the pond to say “bonjour” to the sights, sounds and tastes of Europe. From windmills and castles to cricket and crumpets to Irish jigs and Italian cuisine, we’re bringing the best of Europe to KIDCAM.

North America
The worldly adventure continues as we celebrate the good old USA and our neighbor to the north, Canada, in back-to-back weeks. First, its seven days of flag-waving fun with All-American treats, games and activities. Then, we’re off to the Great White North, the land of moose, maple leaves and Mounties.

South America
Next we spice things up with a stop in South America, a colorful continent of Carnival, prehistoric caves, and the Incan Empire. Campers will go bananas for themed games and leap at the chance to learn about tree frogs, toucans and other creatures of the rain forest.

Best of Camp Continental
Last but not least, we’ll put excitement on the map with the Best of Camp Continental. This farewell week will feature a roundup of everyone’s favorite games, foods, crafts, sports and activities from the entire summer. It will be an international sensation!

Together with KIDCAM, you can give your child the WORLD this summer!

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