Timberlane Weekly Schedules

Below you will find weekly schedules for each Kidcam Camp location.
Schedules are updated no later than the Friday before the following week of camp.
Please pay close attention to: Age Groups and Gender by schedule at the top left. Schedules vary by age and gender. Send swimsuit and towel daily.
Direct line phone numbers are on each schedule in case you need to contact camp directly.
Note these are all subject to change.

Timberlane Country Club

Field Trip: Audubon Zoo
Schedules: Week 2 Schedules

Field Trip: City Park Amusement Rides
Schedules: Week 3 Schedules

Field Trip: Safari Quest
Schedules: Week 4 Schedules

No camp July 4 Honey Island Swamp Tour
Schedules: Week 6 Schedules

Schedules: Roller Skating
Field Trip: Week 7 Schedules

Field Trip: Despicable Me 3
Schedules: Week 8 Schedules

Field Trip: Bowling

Schedules: Week 9 Schedules

Field Trip: Sector 6

Schedules: Week 10 Schedules

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