Nexters | 10-13 Year Olds

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And you thought you were too cool for camp

Campers in this age group have their own ideas, their own identities and a healthy need for independence. We get it. The Nexters program gives these “in-betweeners” adventures that last a summer and memories that last a lifetime. Our Nexters are encouraged to try new things and face new challenges so they can experience all the excitement a KIDCAM summer brings.

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A Message to our Nexters…

No more little kid stuff for you. Around here, you have a little more choice then our younger campers, and you can help in building your group’s adventures! Fill your days with friendly competition, off-site explorations and plenty of downtime in The Zone, our exclusive lounge for Nexters. We’ll lay out a general schedule and hit you with a few awesome surprises along the way. This is the camp for you. Get “plugged in” to the fun of the Nexters program and get ready for your best summer yet. Your friends are already here!

A Message to your Nexter Parents…

In a world of computers, smartphones, TVs and video games, KIDCAM offers a welcome variety and expansion of the activities your child will participate in this summer! With the Nexter program, your kid can have fun using the technology they love with our expanded technology activities but also incorporate age-appropriate fun in the form of themed activities, field trips, crafts and games, treasure hunts, water fun and recreation of all sorts. Our program is designed to install core values like leadership, respect, integrity and good judgment. Happy campers and happy parents… that’s just how we do things here at KIDCAM.

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