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Little Ones Can be Happy Campers, too

Even high-spirited little ones can be happy campers at KIDCAM! Kids this age are energetic, filled with interesting stories and big ideas. With a schedule built on an age-appropriate program, our Newbies program goes far beyond the basics. We tap into their natural curiosity to learn and explore the world around them. We help burn excess energy through interactive toys, hands-on play and a variety of indoor and outdoor activities including safe water play. Our caring staff honors each child as an individual and celebrates what makes them special.

Check out what makes our Newbies program the right choice for your little one!

A Message to our Newbies

Are you curious about the world? Do you like to use your hands to play, build, make music and paint? Do you love singing songs, doing silly dances & having fun outside and splashing around in the water? Is it fun to tell exciting stories and make people laugh? Then you are our type of kid! Join the fun at KIDCAM and learn why summer is the greatest season of all!

A Message to Newbie Parents

You want to give your little ones experiences that prepare them for the year ahead. With a focus on having fun, learning new social skills, taking turns, cause-and-effect and sharing, our Newbies camp offers a safe, secure, positive and warm environment. You child will feel loved and respected by staff and friends while having oodles of fun. We offer exceptional camper-to-staff ratios to give each child personal attention. To cater to shorter attention spans, we’ve created activity blocks that include built-in nap and snack times. You’ll share in your child’s day through art, craft and other projects they brings home.

Click here to read more on our Newbie program specifics!

*Not all camp locations have a Newbie program. Please check individual sites for the various age programs. Thank you


This age group does not travel off campus for field-trips, but they still enjoy their own adventures throughout the day. Whether it’s going on a Bear Hunt, having their own mini Foam Party or traveling through the inflatable maze, their is no shortage of excitement and fun for our smaller campers.


Safety is our first priority at Kidcam, especially when it comes to our water activities. All of our pools have a certified lifeguard onsite. If your child’s camp has a swimming pool at their camp, they will swim almost every day. Most of our pools have Kiddie Pools to enjoy, and campers can wear Floaties if you wish.

For camps without onsite swimming facilities, our young campers will enjoy waterslides and other safe water activities without traveling off campus to swim.

Potty Training

Our little ones do need to be fully potty trained.

Helpful Tips

Label all clothing and belongings including camp shirts, shorts, hats, bathing suits, underwear, socks, towels, shoes, lunch-kits, and nap items. This will make it easier for your camper and the counselor to keep track of his/her things.

Have your camper wear his swim suit under his camper clothes when a water activity is scheduled in the morning. This will save time changing in and out of swimsuits and allow for more play time.

Send a note at the beginning of camp advising the counselor and office as to how your camper will be dismissed at the end of the day – car pool or after camp child care.

Send a labeled nap pad or mat, along with a pillow and any other comfort item (blanket, etc) for naptime each afternoon. Pads and pillows may be kept at camp during the week but are sent home on Fridays to be washed.

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