Kidets | 5 - 9 Year Olds

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Boredom is NOT an option

Kidets are broken into 2 age groups. 5 & 6 year olds and 7-9 year olds.

We refer to the kids in this age group as our “Energizer Bunnies.” These campers go non-stop, so they need a program that can keep up with them. That’s where our Kidets program comes in. With an emphasis on social interaction, teamwork, creativity and self-expression, Kidets are given opportunities to learn, grow and discover themselves, all while having the most awesome summer of their lives.

Check out what makes our Kidets program so great!

A Message to Future Kidcam Kidets…

Imagine a summer filled with making new friends and trying new things! At KIDCAM, every sunrise brings a new day filled with your kind of fun. Your only job is to soak it all in! Spend your days playing, pretending, making, building and exploring. Be a leader. Be an athlete. Be an artist. Be a singer. Be brave. Be silly. Be heard. Be accepted. Be amazing. Be the very best YOU that YOU can be!

A Message to Kidcam Kidet Parents…

Finally, you can put your worries to rest. Our Kidets program offers safe, quality summer care at an incredible value. Want great role models for your kids? You’ve found them. Our attentive staff is made up of teachers, coaches, college students and serious-minded high schoolers who excel at keeping 5-9 year olds engaged and having a blast. We’ll keep them busy, laughing, learning, entertained… and fully hydrated! Your child will enjoy a fun, yet structured, program of age-appropriate activities, fieldtrips, sports, crafts, games, movies and music. Give us a call to learn all the reasons why KIDCAM is a superior summer camp experience.

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